FIRMOS campaign at Zugspitze

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The FIRMOS (Far-Infrared Radiation Mobile Observation System) prototype has been developed to support ESA for the ground-based testing of the FORUM instrument.

FIRMOS has been deployed in November 2018 at the Zugspitze Summit (link) at 2964 m asl to perform a field campaign until the end of February 2019 with to support the
demonstration of FORUM capabilities in testing the FORUM measurement concept on real measurements and improve the Scientific Readiness Level.

In particular, FIRMOS Zugspitze experiment will support the enhancement of a suitable ground-based facility and shall provide feedback to the ESA on:

  • Exerting a number of hardware modifications to the Far IR-prototype instrument, according to project needs and good-practice;
  • confirming and documenting the technical performance of the ground-based Far IR instrument and its suitability;
  • demonstrating the FORUM capabilities in retrieving Temperature and Water vapour content in the upper troposphere/stratosphere using the Far IR;
  • demonstrating the FORUM capabilities in improving retrievals of cloud micro-physics using the Far IR;
  • analysing the potential of the system for airborne deployments;
  • establish uncertainty budgets for ground-based measurements.

Here are some pictures of the on-going campaign.
A FIRMOS prototype has been measuring the atmospheric downwelling longwave radiance since the end of November at the Zugspitze summit observatory; here are some pictures of the on-going campaign.