Posters from the 1st FORUM Workshop


These are the posters presented at the 1st FORUM Workshop held at the Accademia dei Georgofili in Florence, 23-25 October 2018.

  • “Aircraft-based observations of cirrus mid- and far-infrared radiative signatures during the Cirrus Coupled Cloud Radiation Experiment”
    Richard Bantges, |pdf|
  • “Incorporating spectrally resolved infrared emissivity in HADGEM7.1: why and how”
    Christophe Bellisario, |pdf|
  • “Dome C Tropospheric Observer (DoCTOr): Synergy of active and passive optical remote sensing techniques for the continuous monitoring of the Antarctic Troposphere”
    Giovanni Bianchini, |pdf|
  • “Exploiting aircraft observations of infrared radiation to infer Arctic surface emissivity”
    Jon Murray, |pdf|
  • “Cloud identification and classification applied to satellite Far InfraRed Observations (FORUM mission)”
    William Cossich, |pdf|
  • “Optimal configuration of a far infrared radiometer based on information content”
    Laurence Coursol, |pdf|
  • “Water vapor and temperature retrieval performance from the EE9 selected mission FORUM FIR measurements”
    Samuele Del Bianco, |pdf|
  • “Retrieval of the cirrus clouds properties from far infrared spectral measurements”
    Gianluca Di Natale, |pdf|
  • “FORUM Sensitivity to water vapour profile and surface reflectivity: contributions from the FIR spectral region”
    Alessio Di Roma, |pdf|
  • “Ice cloud properties, an information content analysis from high spectral resolution measurements in the thermal infrared: Application to IASI and IASI-NG”
    Lucie Leonarski, |pdf|
  • “Potential contributions to the FORUM mission from the Rayleigh-Mie-Raman LIDAR in CNR Rome-Tor Vergata site”
    Gianluigi Liberti, |pdf|
  • “On the ice cloud property retrieval from far-infrared measurements”
    Masanori Saito, |pdf|
  • “Surface Radiation Budget at Thule, Greenland: Role of Clouds and Surface Albedo”
    Daniela Meloni, |pdf|
  • “Atmospheric sensing by advanced space geodetic techniques: Are there possible synergies with the proposed FORUM Mission?”
    Giovanni Nico, |pdf|
  • “On the added value of FORUM-like WV data assimilation on regional forecasts”
    Alberto Ortolani, |pdf|
  • “Parametrizations of clear-sky downward longwave irradiance and radiance At the Thule High Arctic Atmospheric Observatory”
    Giandomenico Pace, |pdf|
  • “FORUM for Essential Climate Variables”
    Simon Pinnock, |pdf|
  • “Retrieval of minor atmospheric constituents from far-infrared FORUM measurements”
    Marco Ridolfi, |pdf|
  • “Water Vapour feedback and variability in the lower stratosphere”
    Martin Riese, |pdf|
  • “RTTOV for FORUM: what is needed ?”
    Jérôme Vidot, |pdf|
  • “Validation and exploitation of the FORUM mission products using the PANACEA infrastructure of PANGEA Observatory”
    Christos Zerefos, |pdf|