Presentations from the 1st FORUM Workshop


These are the presentations given at the 1st FORUM Workshop held at the Accademia dei Georgofili in Florence, 23-25 October 2018.

  • “The FORUM Mission”
    Luca Palchetti, |pdf|
  • “Science Opportunities with FORUM”
    Helen Brindley, |pptx|, |pdf|
  • “CLARREO Pathfinder Mission: Calibrating Climate Observing Systems of the Future”
    Marty Mlynczak, |pptx|, |pdf|
  • “The Earth radiation budget from a surface perspective”
    Martin Wild, |pptx|, |pdf|
  • “Use of FORUM for several aspects of atmospheric spectroscopy and climate change issues: link with IASI and IASI-NG”
    Claude Camy-Peyret, |pptx|, |pdf|

  • “Why FORUM? Feedback from users”
    Roger Saunders, |pptx|, |pdf|
  • “Water vapor spectroscopy in the far-IR from analysis of measurements from the RHUBC field campaigns”
    Eli Mlawer, |pptx|, |pdf|
  • “Challenges of characterising water vapour in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere”
    Michaela Hegglin, |pptx|, |pdf|
  • “Upper tropospheric humidity, radiation, and climate”
    Stefan Buehler, |pptx|, |pdf|
  • “Water vapor continuum absorption over the terrestrial and solar infrared: Results from the Zugspitze radiative closure experiment”
    Ralf Sussmann, |pptx|, |pdf|
  • “FORUM :Spectroscopy of minor constituents”
    Agnes Perrin, |pptx|, |pdf
  • “H2O/CO2 spectroscopy and forward/inverse radiative transfer modelling assessment in the longwave thermal band with FTIR instrumentation and perspectives for FORUM”
    Carmine Serio, |pptm|, |pdf|
  • “Advanced radiative transfer capabilities in support of far-infrared based remote sensing of ice clouds, aerosols, and snow”
    Ping Yang, |ppt|, |pdf|
  • “Clouds detection and properties from FORUM mission measurements ”
    Tiziano Maestri, |pptx|, |pdf|
  • “Using Temperature, Humidity, and Emissivity Observations to Confront and Uproot the Persistent Cold-Pole Biases in Earth System Models”
    Daniel Feldman, |pptx|, |pdf|
  • “The benefit of far-IR measurements for a better understanding and model representation of the surface-atmospheric radiative coupling”
    Xianglei Huang, |pptx|, |pdf|
  • “The challenge of applying consistent ice optical properties and microphysics in climate models”
    Anthony Baran, |pptx|, |pdf|